Here are my range of storybooks with readers aged 7+ in mind. A selection of adventure stories. Meet the intrepid Bertie Bones archaeologist, The Journey of Solomon and Barny the cat.

However not to forget younger readers and those just starting to explore the wonder of books there is Blue Sky Baby a picture book.

I hope you think they look like good reads and if so please go ahead and buy them. Bertie Bones (both books), The Journey of Solomon, Barny and Blue Sky Baby are all available to purchase here (follow the shop page links) or they can be bought through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

If you loved them please leave a review or else just explain your thoughts to help other potential readers. No polite comment is ever a wasted one!


Solomon is a large black cat with the greenest eyes you have ever seen. He lives in a second floor London apartment with his owners Rachel and Tom.

Unable to go out on his own he spends hours each day looking out from his sunny seat on the windowsill, dreaming of running through the grass in the park across the road. Desperate he plans an escape to realise his dreams. Little does he know that this is the start of a much bigger adventure involving trees, queens, trains and cats not to mention a fight for his life.


Barny, or Barnaby Maksimillian III to give him his full name, is cat royalty – a pure bred Russian Blue national champion. He lives a well-fed, quiet and pampered life with his family Lord & Lady Marchbanks and their children.

When he and their daughter Jemima are Catnapped’ it soon becomes clear that Barny has to be brave and attempt a rescue mission. His quest is filled with danger, new faces, new places and many exciting adventures.

Follow his journey and find out whether Barny gets home in time to save Jemima.


Bertie Bones a world famous archaeologist and his wife January set out on a round the world tour.  Starting in Africa their adventure takes them into the jungles of the Congo involving presidents and pygmies and a refugee called Safi. Finding important historical and international treasures on a dig in the jungle they start to have fun but can they find their own little bit of treasure and happiness? Safi holds the key……


Bertie Bones, archaeologist, receives a secretive and mysterious phone-call from Salvador Gonzales a TV executive who has him travelling to Mexico, then across deserts and deep into the Sierra Madre mountains. Meeting some old friends and making some new Bertie gets caught up in a secretive and undercover expedition to search for the long lost gold of the Aztec emperor Montezuma. Things do not go exactly as planned though and Bertie finds himself in danger, helped only by an unexpected stowaway…

BLUE SKY BABY (A PIcture book for 3+ years)

In this story a collection of photos tells us of the life of Anna who loves the seaside with its blue skies.

The book is a basic introduction to the human life cycle for children. Told through a mix of hand painted watercolour pictures and an easy to recall rhyming text which enables a child to engage and interact with the story. The book offers a chance to discuss the changes that occur to us as we get older, for children to notice how our bodies change and to share some of the events that might happen in our lifetimes.

Books are available to buy now. 

Items 1-4 cost £5.75 inc. p&p (2nd class Royal Mail).

Blue Sky Baby is £6.25 inc. p&p (2nd class Royal Mail)  




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