Poetry has long been a passion.
A way of getting in touch with language, a way to play with words and there are some wonderful words out there! A way to commit feelings to paper conveying emotion in a form like no other. Poems can be humorous, rhyming, free verse, structured as in the case of a sonnet, purely playful or with metaphorical intent. There are oh so many ways to write a poem and for oh so many people of all ages to enjoy. My poetry is a mixture of these things written from the heart and the head, for the young and the not so young. I hope you will take a look at the examples below and if you like them buy my collections.

Musings of a Madwoman


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When all around you turns to dust and stones,
When things begin to crumble under feet,
When cracks appear within your very bones,
And rubble makes of all those spent life beats.
Know then that life is hard and does not bend.
Its rigors shake the firmament at hand
And tremors signify the coming of the end,
An end in which no concrete hearts will stand.
Dream temples built are fragile homage tombs,
With space to live and run their useful course,
For all those hopes in wistful endless rooms,
Collapse should have no quaking, loss, remorse.
Take heed and build your castles in the air
Do not despair for happiness lies there.

Taken from: Musings of a Madwoman

To My Love

When my life collapsed
It yawed and tilted,
broke free from its moorings,
and sailed bubble like,
Across a maelstrom
Of uncharted waters.

No pilots to guide me
Beacons to home me
Anchors to tie me, or
Harbours to hide me.

My mind shipwrecked
Lost and at sea,
wishing for that port in a storm.
Then on the horizon
came you.
My lifeboat.

Taken from: Musings of Madwoman

Little Treasures

Poems for Children.

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Little Treasure

“She’s a little treasure”
I remember it quite well.
My sister with her open smile
Fluttering her long eyelashes
charming those around her.

I was never a treasure
More an unwanted ornament
To be placed in the corner
Just in case Granny came
And asked where it was.

I tried hard, worked hard
Did as I was told.
My sister was naughty
According to them had “a little bit of spirit”
and “never meant any harm.”

I craved affection
She got it
I gave love freely
She took it
I didn’t know how I could change it.

One day my sister tried swimming
in the big pond down the hill.
She could be there still
If I hadn’t dived in and saved her.
I was loved from that day onwards
By them, but most of all
By my little sister!

Taken from: Little Treasures (Poems for children)

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