Wirework Sculptures

Taking a piece of wire and transforming it into a three dimensional thing seems magical every time it happens. Making a sculpture that stands alone from pieces of different thickness copper wire is almost like drawing in 3D and with beautiful outcomes. These wire sculptures look amazingly delicate but are actually quite robust.

Have a look at the gallery below and see what I do. I hope you will like it. Birds, cats, hares, dogs, horses, and many more have been created. Many are available to buy if you wish to own a little piece of magic. Each one is individually made and has its own character. Birds, Cats, and Hares can be ordered via the shop.

Please contact me if you would like more information on size, framed pieces, or if you have an idea for a commission. I will let you know if it is possible. The coated copper wire comes in many different colours so items can be made as required in gold, copper, silver, blue and red as well as in black.