Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

If you have a problem with your purchase please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

However as all commissioned paintings are created specifically for you I am sorry to say that I cannot accept returns or give refunds on these items once completed.

All commissions are individual artworks and further copies or prints of each commission will not be sold on to other customers unless permission is given by you for this purpose. All commissioned images will be stored digitally and so further copies can be ordered up to a period of one year from the initial commission.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy


When visitors leave comments on this site they will always be read and approved before being uploaded. Please note that after approval of your comment it and your profile picture, if provided, will be visible to others who visit the site.

Your Contact details

If you leave a comment or order goods your name and email address will be stored on this site. This will be used purely to deliver your goods and reply to any queries. The data you provide will not be used for any other purposes or passed on to any third parties.

Personal data will be removed from the site upon request.



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