A Little About Me

me5       Hi I’m Val Hughes and I live with my family in Oxfordshire.

Writing,reading and telling stories and poems although it may seem cliched have always been part of my life.  One of my earliest memories as a child is being taken by my grandmother through a faded paint-worn green door with jangling bell into a shop full of old books. The smell was indescribably wonderful and I soon discovered that the treasures inside were just as wonderful too. To this day I adore 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith and Mary Poppins by P L Travers and they remain in my mind two of the best books for newly independent readers you could hope to find.  I was and still unashamedly am an avid book worm. Many happy days are spent empathising with the characters I meet, learning about new ideas, new worlds and new experiences, and oh so many adventures that I can find inside a book.

Writing stories and trying in some small way to emulate the skill of the authors I loved best fired my enthusiasm for writing. For many years I was a Primary School teacher and being in the classroom is, as any teacher will tell you, so rewarding. Being able to work with children whose minds, generally speaking, are always open to new adventures and learning and who just enjoy life is what makes the job worthwhile.  As a teacher I very much relied on the stories of others to support my work. There is a whole world of truly wonderful children’s books and authors out there. I am hoping in some small way to join this world of creators and that the stories I write such as Bertie Bones will appeal to some, connect with others and maybe even engender a love of reading and writing as it did for me.

Poetry is a great way to express ideas and use our wonderful language to its full effect. I have written a range of poetry some of which is for adults other for children and I hope you enjoy reading some of the examples on this site.

As well writing I love to paint, draw and make things from wire and tin. On this site you will find a selection of my work for sale. My artworks are handpainted digital watercolours. Pets, especially cats, are a favourite although you might find some other suprises. If you like them there is the opportunity to buy framed and mounted limited edition prints for your own walls. So please have a look in the Artwork section.

If you like my work please let me know you can leave me a message or review.

Thanks Val x